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Machine Vision and Human-machine Interface

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Machine Vision and Human-machine Interface: Technologies, Applications and Challenges
Nova | English | 2016 | ISBN-10: 1634838769 | 143 pages | PDF | 10.90 mb
by Simon T. Yates (Author, Editor)
Free online Machine Translation (MT) is known to provide instant access to information in multiple language pairs. This is why MT has proved to be extremely useful in various spoken and written text applications in reducing language barriers and facilitating cross-lingual information search as well as commerce and communication. The first chapter of this book explores the connections between free online Machine Translation, mobile learning via a wide array of easily accessible apps, and the future of language learning as we know it. Chapter two describes the use of the Web as a content generator for experimenting with human-machine language interaction. Chapter three provides issues and strategies for multilingual text processing in the domain of international affairs. Chapter four introduces several machine vision-based methods for measuring the cross-sectional geometric parameters of microdrills and their comparisons. Chapter five mainly serves to introduce the research into, and the development and application of, machine translation technology at research institutes and universities in China. The last chapter analyses existing systems, extracts the relevant information from an interaction point of view, and proposes and describes interaction abstractions for public displays.
Series: Computer Science, Technology and Application


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